Theresa May has announced there will be an early General Election on June 8th, and unsurprisingly, having read the comments on The Sun’s Facebook Page, there are a whole load of working class people who are ready to back her and vote Conservative. The most probable outcome of the election will be an increased majority, allowing the Tories to focus even more effort on taking money from the most vulnerable people in the country, and passing on the benefits to the richest. But for some reason, that doesn’t resonate with the people, who are the vast majority, who are being screwed over.

One comment that made me chuckle was how someone said they were going to vote Conservative because Theresa May does exactly what she says she is going to do. I think the comment sums up exactly the problem this country has, as the irony of making such a comment about Mrs May when she has just called an early General Election is just too good to pass up on. After all, this is the same Theresa May who said before she was elected leader of the Tory Party, that she would not be calling a General Election before 2020. She repeated that after she became PM, she repeated it again in September and again earlier this year. But all of that was lost on some the said commenter.

The Big Jeremy Corbyn Question

To be fair, I am not sure it would make any difference what effort he had put into communicating his message to a wider audience than just the already converted, but as much as I am totally for his policies (and anyone who is middle class downwards should be for them) his PR has been utterly inept. Yes he took some almost fatal blows early on from the likes of The Sun and the Daily Mail who have been determined to ruin him in order to maintain the status quo with the Tories. But Corbyn has done absoloutly nothing to get his message across to those same people, who as a result only see the Corbyn that the right wing media has painted, rather than get his side of the story. I could sit here and blame the right wing press, but Jeremy Corbyn, and whoever his press people are, must take a massive share of the blame.

He has had ample opportunity to get his message out via invites from the mainstream media, even LBC with a left leaning James O’Brien, but instead he chooses to focus all of his efforts on small non-entity bloggers (the equivalent of me getting to interview him), instead of putting forward his case to the nation. He is great at preaching to the converted, but that is all he has done. It is a damn shame too, because if he could get his message out there, maybe the working class would see that he can be trusted to look out for them, give them a fair chance, rather than looking after the interests of those who are already filthy rich. Although, in all honesty, I doubt very much it would make any difference, because of the turkey and christmas problem we have in this country.

Likely Outcome

It looks highly likely that the Tories will romp home to a much increased majority, the Labour Party will fall flat on it’s arse and UKIP will have served their purpous so will probably make few inroads either. Worse case scenario is that UKIP end up being the opposition, but I can’t see that happening now, although a few months ago I thought it very possible. Only Nigel Farage at the helm could make that a possibility, and UKIP are missing a trick not getting him in the driving seat again.

The Lib Dems will be the party to really benefit this time around, as the Labour voters who don’t want to vote for Corbyn, but will not vote for the Tories look for a vote to ease their conscience. Labour will learn the harsh lesson that there is no such thing as a safe seat, so expect some big names to go, even in those former coal mining areas that have always been considered Labour strong holds.

Theresa May has made a smart move by calling this early General Election, her stock will never be higher than it is now. She knows things are going to get worse as Brexit negotiations go on, and after it, we will be in a worse position than when it started, so in 2020, she would be getting the blame. This way, she buys herself a bit more time after the inevitable.

As for Labour, the fall out will be predictable, and Jeremy Corbyn will have to stand down. As someone who is a fan of Jeremy Corbyn, I would understand him being decimated if he had done all he could to get his message out to the people via the mainstream media. A big loss would just point to the majority of people in this country being stupid. But Labour have supposedly been on “General Election footing” for months now, and unfortunately you wouldn’t know it. And now it is too late. The only hope is that the Lib Dems can clean up where Labour mess up and we have a Lib Dem/Labour government.