Having friends in London, and being a somewhat frequent visitor, it is about 4 months since I was at the scene of where todays terror attack took place, it does bring things home. Only a few days ago I was discussing something I read about the 7/7 terror attacks that I had not realised which brought those days events closer to home. It was in a book I was reading describing how a woman boarded a tube at Finsbury Park Underground Station and 45 seconds the bomb went off. During my time in London I often find myself at Finsbury Park Station, and the last time I was there, I nearly jumped on a tube. Although it has absolutely no baring on what happened that day, it just made me think for a second that these places are not just far off places down south.

Someone has just pointed out something similar on the BBC running news about todays terrorist attacks.

It would appear that one of the people is a radical muslim, ISIS supporter (I’m not one of those who immediately blames muslims when something bad happens because it is a dangerous mindset). From news coming out from Twitter, he is a guy who’s name will probably ring a bell. I think he was on a Netflix documentary about ISIS supporters in London. I am not totally sure, but I think that is where I recognise the name from. He was one of the guys on the documentary with a guy who turned out to be Jihadi John (the guy who was doing beheadings for Islamic State). There are rumoured to be two of them, one of them white. I get the feeling that the white guy may be called Abdul Adeen, the tall white guy with the beard. I have nothing to go on, it is just the other name rang a bell, so I’m probably wrong about that as well.  *Update as I write – It would seem the name has been confirmed of the dark skinned guy, he’s not from the Netflix documentary though, but it is a high profile UK Jihadi, that people will have heard of*.

One thing that struck me on the documentary was how those UK Jihadi’s had had their passports taken away from them so they were forced to stay in this country. Personally that makes no sense to me, I would like to see them go fight for their ISIS cause in Syria and hopefully die a painful death. Instead, we have to rely on our security services to track them and prevent them doing things like this, and eventually, something like this will happen.

Let’s keep things in perspective though. There is more chance of winning the Lotto Jackpot than getting caught up in terror, not that you would think that from all the hype there constantly is about it. And there is absolutely no chance you will ever see Sharia Law or the ISIS flag above Buckingham Palace. The wealthy elite in this country will never let that happen. People are too quick to think the powers that be in this country are stupid, but the fact is, there is no way in a million years that they will put this country at risk of being taken over because they would lose their power and wealth. Nobody with power want’s to lose their power and they will do whatever it takes to preserve it. So if you are reading this, and you are worried about ISIS and terror in the UK, don’t be, although it is tragic when anyone gets killed, and infuriating when it is by terrorists, keep your wits about you yes, but don’t let it stop you living your own life. The fear of terrorism is where the scum win, and those who are wealthy and powerful take advantage of your fear and take away your freedom.

As for my Bipolar Disorder over the last few days. Well I haven’t been to the gym for what I think is a week, and I have been eating junk. I don’t feel overtly low, but I am struggling by at the moment. I have barely any money, it just disappears from my bank, I am not entirely sure what has come out to be honest. I have also finally copied my tenancy agreement to send out for Housing Benefit. God knows now how long it will take to actually send it. I feel quite low, I have been dropping asleep when in front of the TV for no reason. It is one of those times when I could do with a bit more mania to get all of the things I need to do done. But when I have mania, I get totally distracted anyway. I will update you about the findings from my recording of my PIP Assessment hopefully in the next few days, it is hard to guarantee anything as I have so much to get through and I never know when I am able to actually do those things, let alone a blog post.