After reading the latest story about Kate & Gerry McCann in the online edition of The Sun (I certainly wouldn’t pay for the paper), their latest story flipped me over the edge to finally write something about them.

It was the story about the latest threat to sue anybody that has the audacity to speak out about them, this time, and I am having to pick my words carefully because it is fair to say based on their actions and threats, the McCann’ss are pretty litigious, Kate & Gerry McCann are threatening to sue anybody who posts excerpts from Kate’s book “Madeleine” on social networks or blogs.

This is hot on the heels of news that pissed a great deal of people off that £85,000 of public money is to be added to in excess (or maybe just less) than the £11million already spent on looking for Maddie, who many people think is already dead, and suspect the McCann’s know more about than they are letting on. I have my own opinions but I will not be sharing them until Maddie is eventually found, or somebody is brought to justice for her disappearance.

After all, no matter how much you or I may think we knew what happened to her, we have absolutely no evidence either way (and by that I mean there is no evidence to suggest she is dead, none to suggest she is alive, nothing to suggest the parents were or were not involved). Unfortunately it seems either through having friends in high places, or just fear of being sued themselves, The Sun don’t mind slamming and labelling anyone who does not tow the McCann party line. And anyone who has any other theories, whether they are experts, have been involved with investigations or not, are accused of having outrageous rants. And so follows Clarence Mitchell who always says something along the lines of how they will not be dignifying the latest theory will a response. Which in it’s self is a response. There is also usually a friend close to the McCann’s who has plenty to say on their behalf, and the source is never named.

Now The McCann’s Are Coming For You!

This article isn’t about what are the best and worse of theories on a missing child, neither are they about whether we should be spending so much money on one missing child, when there are so many others who haven’t had anywhere near the same attention or resources put into finding them. And you can work out from that, exactly how I feel about it. I think it is time that the resources were evened out a little and not just spent on those what have got the most press attention. There are lots of missing children in the UK, not that you would know it reading The Sun this week.

I will also concede that the McCann’s have pissed me off royally with their threat to sue normal people (is it because they cannot afford to sue people who have the money to fight them and win in one case?). It is one thing silencing the press, but it is another trying to silence Facebook and Twitter users, and fucking arrogant pointing out that they could even have their Facebook account taken off them. That is for Facebook to say.

The problem for them is that some people have been posting quotes from Kate’s book, and her own words in some places (I have read it and would say in many places) don’t exactly paint her in the best light, and don’t give the impression that she was a serious as you would imagine a person who’s child had just gone missing would be given the circumstances. In fact, there was a lot in her own words that could easily be taken out of context, and clearly have been used that way on social networks. After all, what is more powerful than Kate in her own words?

From The McCann’s Own Facebook Page.

Sorry Kate & Gerry McCann, you don’t fucking own Facebook so I am lifting this verbatim. I am also going to add my own comments and thoughts to it. A disclaimer though, they are only my thoughts and opinions. But we can still have those.

Latest Update: Oh hang on, in the last hour they seem to have deactivated the page again. They did this for a while late last year. You would honestly think that people visiting it and getting info about their missing daughter was the most important thing, but once again, other things seem to have taken centre stage.

Here is a screenshot from earlier:


Ok slow down with the capitals on ILLEGAL. I hate it when anyone tries to make out they are the bastions of all what is moral. Especially on a Facebook Page that once said “get over it already” in response to people making comments about their opinions on the parenting skills of Gerry & Kate McCann for leaving their child unattended. And it was a very poorly judged turn of phrase. I don’t know who this mystery mother is who updates their Facebook Page, but I have to admit, until I read that I did suspect it was the McCann’s themselves.

I digress (as usual). Let me post the next screenshot before I continue so it makes a bit more sense.


You see it is this confusion between the first person and the third (or is it second) that probably lead to me thinking the McCann’s were responsible for posting on their own Facebook Page “I would like to remind people sharing Kate’s book online” and in the Edit to add “For those posting that WE are trying to make money, you are absolutely wrong!” I digressed again!

They say that by posting online we are stealing from the publisher. It then says that “Kate” third person again, was given an advance (suggesting she would have no way of making any money because she has already been paid, however there is the matter of royalties they neglect to mention, but no mention of how much so it is hard off of the top of my head to work out if she will be receiving any royalties yet). They continue “It isn’t about US making money” there goes that first person perspective again! They talk about it not being about them, it is about people participating in illegal activities and stealing from the publisher.

But they are not the police, they are not the publisher, they are not the guardians of morality. So who they fuck are they to tell people what to do? If it is not about them, this is a job for the publisher, and only the publisher. So why are they making such a big issue of it? I have read the book (legally, not that it is any of your fucking business), and I have drawn conclusions from it, from her own words, that I would ironically probably get sued by them for saying. I cannot quote from the book because their publisher would want to sue me.

But I will check with my legal experts and see what they say about me telling my own stories based on what Kate has said herself, without actually publishing the book. I wouldn’t have bothered, but regardless of whether or not Kate and Gerry are bad parents or not, they have really pissed me off. I get a bit fed up with people who seem to have a bit too much influence using it to suppress other people.

A Bit Of Free Advice To The McCann’s

I also love the bit where it says “If you don’t want to purchase the book that’s ok”. Somehow like we have their permission not to be interested. Just another classic statement in the many I have read that always give me the impression that either one or both of the McCann’s are a bit narcissistic. We don’t need your permission or blessing not to want to buy the book. Neither is it your place to be judging people on the morals of downloading things illegally from the internet, after all, you are the first to complain when people judge you on your parenting skills. So my advice is to leave that to your publisher if it really isn’t about you. And perhaps just learn to keep your mouth shut. Because every-time you open it, or someone does on your behalf, they just keep putting their foot in it, and it just makes you look at best like really awful human beings, and that perhaps is why there is so much suspicion about whether or not you were involved in the disappearance of your daughter.

So Kate & Gerry McCann, you don’t like what people are saying about you. As was said by your own Facebook Page. Get over it already.