I never intended to use this blog as anything to do with Kate & Gerry McCann, but recently they have got up my nose so much that I just can’t help myself and feel the need to voice my opinions. I will try to keep them brief (fat chance), but the latest revelations, after myself noticing that the Official Find Madeleine Facebook Page had been shut down just hours after posting a threat to pass on the details of anyone on social media posting extracts of Kate’s book, so the publishers can sue them had started circulating the internet.

The issue at hand having read her own words in that book is that I got the impression, based on her own words, that although Gerry and herself make all the right noises in terms of platitudes, in terms of their actions, based on her own account, the reality seems very different. And when I read that they are now trying to stop anyone from posting extracts of the book online, it appeared to me that it is because her own words manage to paint her and Gerry in a negative light, and go someway inadvertently to fuelling people’s suspicions that they might be involved in her disappearance.

And having read the book, I was aghast that page after page, I read that there was always something that came up that was more important than actually searching for Maddie. I’d advise you go read the book, and although I would not encourage anyone doing it illegally, I honestly don’t give a fuck what you choose to do. It is none of my business what you do. But do it, before the McCann’s can find a way to pull the plug on it.

Snub To Ben Needham’s Family

I was going to write a post about the McCann’s recent news article which is talking about how they will fight to the end, any attempts to bring them to justice over the neglect of Maddie. So I am now faced with writing a total of three posts instead of two about them. But they just keep talking, and the majority of what I am reading on the approach to the tenths anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance is about Kate and Gerry, not about Maddie. Which again comes as no surprise to me.

So important is the tenth anniversary that because people are posting negative comments about them, they have once again shut down their Facebook Page (an important resource to help find her), and also their Twitter account.

The furore on Twitter began when the administrators for the Official Find Madeleine Twitter account had blocked two Ben Needham Twitter accounts from viewing the Find Madeleine one. With this being at the expense of another family who had a child that is missing you would expect the McCann’s to have an understanding of how they feel. In my opinion, from the impression I get of the McCann’s I get the feeling that maybe the recent press coverage Ben Needham has received due to recent revelations has put the McCann’s noses out of joint at not being the centre of attention, hence a flurry of news stories about them (I don’t know them, so I could not possibly know for sure this is the case and it is pure speculation and my opinion only).

The administrators sent them a message from a private Twitter account asking why they had been blocked. The response they got was that “we do not want to be associated with some of the types of people they follow”. Another case of the McCann’s or at least those responsible for running their social media accounts of them trying to control what other people do. It is a poor reason whatever. The Twitter accounts that were blocked are @FindBenNeedham & @findbengreek

They have since unblocked the account, but the very thought that they could turn on the Needham’s because of what people they follow, or more to the point, those who follow them say, is ridiculous.

Ben’s mother Kerry told the Daily Mirror:-

“It feels like a personal attack on me. It is deeply, deeply hurtful.”

“Ben’s campaign has never been anti-McCann. We can’t help the fact some members of the public give their opinion about the McCann case, just as people give their opinion about Ben’s case.

“I have only ever criticised the authorities for the way the two cases have been handled so differently.”

She does have a point. The Ben Needham search has received £800,000 of public money, yet the Madeleine McCann search has received in excess of £11million.

Perplexing Official Find Madeleine Facebook Page Post

I have turned the page back on for now, but will continue to turn the page off if we receive hateful posts. I need to do this for my own mental health.

I would also like to set the record straight on how this page is managed. In late 2007, I urged Gerry and Kate to have a page setup on Facebook. I setup this page and have run it ever since. The only posts that Gerry and Kate see are the ones I send to them. They do not use social media. When I do post on their behalf, I ALWAYS sign their name(s) to the post. If a post is from me, I sign my title. I do not bother Gerry and Kate with the day-to-day operations of this page. I do not coordinate with them posts or get approval. They trust me to run this page, our Web site and other social media accounts. If a post has my title on it, it’s my words, thoughts or feelings. No one else’s . 

If you have any questions, please feel free to Email me at: webmaster@findmadeleine.com.

Thank you for keeping the page positive and hopeful.

~FM Webmaster

Once again the Facebook Post struggles with the first person and third person. I bring this up again because the FM Webmaster went to the effort of saying that Kate & Gerry were not responsible for the posts on their social networks and that it was previously reported it was a mother and some trusted supporters who were responsible for the posts on the page. It states that on any occasions they are, the webmaster will always sign their names. Although this doesn’t totally add up with what was reported in the news from a source close to the McCann’s.

I have to ask myself why the administrator thinks their own mental health is more important than the search for a missing child. Also why are they taking it so personally, nothing is being directed at them, it is all at the McCann’s. Anyway, that is the fourth post I think I will end up writing. Something just feels wrong. But what is new about that!

Anyway here it is, I set out to write a post about the latest story about how the McCann’s would fight tooth and nail any charges of child neglect even in the face of such overwhelming evidence based on their own account of what happened that night. And ended up writing something completely different based on yet another news story about Kate & Gerry McCann, and yet another lack of any news stories about Maddie McCann herself.