Luckily for me, it was mentioned on the phone a fortnight ago that I could request a full report of my PIP Assessment, so I did. Having had to ring the DWP to follow this up, I am feeling very glad I did. It is getting beyond coincidence with the DWP that my sentences on here  end up starting “It seems the DWP are deliberately” when it comes to them messing things up or not doing simple things that help. Because whether you deal with PIP, ESA or JSA, there is usually something that happens that means you find it harder to succeed in getting what you need from them. It seems absolutely deliberate now.

Called The DWP Today

Today I called the DWP asking why I still hadn’t received my PIP Assessment report. It had been two weeks since requested it. She explained that it takes two weeks for them to action requests and mine still had not been actioned. Essentially in reality mine should have been actioned. There was nothing she could do, I’d just have to wait it out. I forced the issue a little saying that I did not have much time as I needed the information for an appeal, and she said she would flag it as “urgent” which should speed things up. She couldn’t tell me how fast it would be (baring in mind it is already running late) or anything else for that matter that was useful. I asked if they could email it to me as well when it is processed, but was informed that they have no way of securely emailing. Strange that in 2017 the DWP still have no way of securely emailing.

Mission Impossible, The DWP Vicious Cycle

Anyway here is the best bit. I asked from when it is processed how long I would have to wait for the information to come to me. She said “up to two weeks”. Ok, the key words  are”up to” but importantly, the get out clause is “two weeks” in other words, it could land with me in a fortnight. Baring in mind that I have one month from the date of my Personal Independence Payment re-assesment letter to get my appeal in, it doesn’t leave much time for putting together an appeal and analysing the information. Being bipolar I have to hope for a day I am manic or at least not depressed to get anything done anyway.

If I had requested my report today

But something even worse struck me too. Had I not decided to request the report a fortnight before my rejection letter arrived, because I only received it on Saturday, I would only now be starting the process (as will most people). The date on the letter is the 6th March 2017, it arrived to my house on the 11th. The earliest I could have requested a report is today. Basically the whole process of getting a very important report that allows me to see what has been said about me, see what she claimed I said, and any other evidence I could use that would support my appeal might not even be available to me in time. Given their own timescales I may not get this vital information until after April 6th! When it is of no use to me. Coincidence? Well let’s see how long I wait for my report to come through.

If you have had to wait four weeks for your report, please either leave a comment or contact me. I would be very interested to hear from you.