Having reached the end of my three years on PIP for my Bipolar Disorder, I was sent a form to fill out and asked to attend an Atos Re-assesment. I had to cancel the first appointment because it was miles away in the middle of nowhere and they expected me to get there at 8:45am. I wouldn’t have made it even if it was at 5pm. So we re-arranged an appointment in my town, good start. Fast forward to the day after I got a confirmation letter about the time and date of my assessment, I had another letter through the door telling me that that appointment had been cancelled and they made another one, miles away. I called and the person on the phone said for some reason all appointments in my town had been cancelled and there wouldn’t be anymore there. So I arranged for the next closest town, and had to get a taxi there and back. The lengths they will go to in order to have extra ammunition to use against you.

The upshot is, having been on the Enhanced Rate of PIP, I found I had scored zero points for everything at this one. I mean zero! I might have been a little less suspicious had there been some points, but zero is absolute fantasy. But here is a very important tip for anyone going to any Atos assessments (or Capita) or generally dealing with the DWP nowadays. Get a recording App for your phone. I use Rode Rec for IOS. You will be glad you recorded your interview and there are tips for how to get the best results when recording and not blow it by not being able to hear it properly afterwards.

Anyway thanks to recording the conversation, just by reading the sketchy information I was sent with the reasons for scoring zero, I have already manage to find out that not only had the “healthcare professional” missed important things I had told her to suit the scoring, she had outright lied on some things too, including attributing a quote to me that I never said! Anyway last week I requested the report she wrote, which everyone can do, and I am awaiting more details so I can compare it to my recording. Anyway, there is a long way to go now, naturally I am devastated my PIP has been stopped as it has a massive knock on effect for me, and I struggle as it is. It is going to be hard to share certain things from the assessment because some is quite embarrassing to me. I am like most people, i try to play things down rather than up, but in this case I was frank with them, but there has been some underhand goings on that I have spotted already.

It is starting to make sense how I went from Enhanced Rate to zero in just one meeting, and there are other similar stories to mine out there. But I will get to the bottom of this, I am going to fight. And seeing that there are blatant lies on the my rejection notice fills me with hope.