Another Atos and DWP issue I will have to update you about, as I saw this coming, not because I deserve to have scored zero points, but because of the way questions were asked, avoiding anything that had to do with my Bipolar Disorder and relevant questions, whilst asking irrelevant questions about physical issues, that they could genuinely not score me on (after all, my medical issues are mental health not physical). But when you have a DWP Health Assessment in a Physiotherapy place, you kinda expect what outcome you are going to get.

But I have a recording of the interview, so I will be going through everything with a fine tooth comb. A few blatant lies stood out on the letter explaining why I did not score even a single point (seriously, scoring some points, even if it wasn’t enough would have raised less alarm bells).

The More Vulnerable You Are, The More Chance You Will Fail.

The sad irony is that the less able to communicate, or the less you are on the ball, the more chance they will use this against you and will fail to acknowledge you were in such a state. Thus they will mark you down.

One thing that immediately struck me was the following line in the letter:-

From the assessment observations and examination you attended the assessment alone and were well kempt and of average build..

It is embarrassing having to say this online, or even too anyone, but I had admitted I had not had a bath in a week, I had a stubble, and I had not had a change of clothes for days, and there were even food stains on my clothing. So how the hell did the assessor get from that, that I was “well kempt”.

There was another line in the letter, which I found strange too. Because she made a point about asking if I was on any illegal drugs at the moment, because I was so detached and I felt so detached at the time. Yet she reports the I was not:-

Restless or withdrawn

Funny, because something prompted her to ask about non-prescribed drugs, and I felt away with the fairies on that day, so it was an understandable question. But here is the crack. Without photo’s from the day, or a video, it is my word against hers. She could say that I was dressed in a suit and freshly shaved and most likely the DWP will believe her (because they want to), and I am just a scrounging scum bag after all.

Long Drawn Out, Stressful Battle

Naturally I am going to have to put in for a mandatory reconsideration, and then no doubt an appeal. I still don’t know whether this woman was a mental health professional, because when I was assesed by a mental health professional three years ago and was awarded the Enhanced Rate (top rate) of PIP (I didn’t get the mobility, which was fair enough at the time), the lady could see it was blindingly obvious. I also have a specialist that will back that up.

Finally, another quote that caught my attention was related to budgeting decisions, I am sure I pointed out that I was still utterly useless, and am in lots of debt as a result and ignore reminders and bin letters. But apparently that wasn’t taken into consideration either.

Even just getting to the assessment goes against you

Needless to say the fact that I have nobody to help me get to the assessment it’s self was used against me. Baring in mind if I didn’t make it, I would have my PIP stopped anyway. I told her straight that I had been picked up in a taxi and requested they call me a taxi too, to get me home, because I needed one to make sure I actually got to the assessment on time (or at all) and make it home without ending up god knows where).

I will leave it hear for now, and once I have had a bit more time to digest the letter and receive the full report I was supposed to get last week, and listen back to the recording, I can go into more detail. I also have to get an appeal letter for ESA finished before I run out of time too. It is practically a no win situation for me, because just getting these things started is hard enough, sending a letter, is a whole issue in it’s self (I sometimes buy birthday and Christmas cards, but they never actually get sent). Happy Days.