I often asked myself whether at the Job Centre, applying for jobs as a troll would be considered seriously looking for work. You don’t have to work for the secret services to know that being a troll is a good career, and someone somewhere is paying people good money to do it. Unfortunately for me, being a bit left leaning in my opinions, there doesn’t seem to be much work around. Labour isn’t working unfortunately in this case.

How on earth does trolling on the internet work as a career I hear you asking? Have you ever been on Facebook reading the comments on well known newspapers or TV stations and thought to yourself “this comment can’t be real” because it is just so offensive or stupid that surely nobody can think like that. And then you read their replies and rather than see any evidence that what the original comment was taken out of context by people, the person making the comment is even worse than you originally thought.

Those with a radar for the troll, can usually spot one at a hundred miles. But what isn’t always known is why. Is it some child on Facebook or Twitter pretending to be someone else, or an adult with very little else to do, and of course it is fair to say that the world is full of some very stupid and ignorant people. But there is a lot to be gained by companies paying people to troll their social network pages and make offensive comments.

Think about it. It is a well known fact that people usually only bother to comment about things that really wind them up. It has been the case since internet message boards and blog posts. The comments flood in when you are controversial, but when you are sharing wisdom, something really useful, you will get few comments.

So be aware, some of these trolls, will be getting paid to troll by the very people that created the Facebook page. Each time you get furious and post a reply to them, you are fuelling it. But at least you are keeping someone in a job. But who? And how much do they get paid? If anyone does know, let me know.

It is not just businesses. Trolling is an important part of online warfare for nations. Mass propaganda, winning hearts and minds and silencing opponents. Trolling is in demand. We live in a time of post-truth, which has been re-braded to “alternative facts” or “fake news”, something that used to mean publishing a story that was totally made up, knowing full well that by the time the truth got out, it was too late, because the only thing anyone remembered was the original story. Now, with the help of Donald Trump and his war on the mainstream media, fake news is anything that Donald Trump doesn’t agree with, and alternative facts are what used to be conspiracy theories. But due to the level of trolling and alternative media like Breitbart few know the difference between what is fact and what is fiction.

The troll has helped nations confuse people throughout the world. You might live in England, but it is not just the British government and press trying to make you believe what they want you to believe. It is the Americans, the Russians, North Koreans and of course ISIS. The alt-right have it down to a fine art and have put billions of dollars into making sure their version of the truth is listened to, watched and read. And the old saying in sales is that people buy from people. That is why comments from trolls are so important on so many levels. My question is, how do I get a job as a troll, and how much do trolls get paid?